Read our case studies to find out what South Australian workplaces, large and small, are doing to encourage and support the health of their workers.

Anna Binna director, Ben Wundersitz and SA’s ‘Fat Farmers’ exercise group mastermind shares his vision for a healthy workplace, following successes on his farm such as installing a staff gym, healthy harvest meals, and health and wellbeing oriented staff inductions.

Civil Train SA is the training arm of the Civil Contractors Federation (SA). As a registered training organisation (RTO), Civil Train offers a range of accredited and non-accredited training relevant to the civil and allied construction industries. A breakfast club was identified as an effective initiative to assist in boosting the students’ ability to stay focussed and concentrate. This strategy was an effective way to fuel students’ minds to get through classes, which assisted with attendance and subsequent course completion rates. Learn how the initiative came to fruition and lessons learned along the way.

BAE Systems is a defence and security company. For this national company with headquarters in South Australia, up to 3500 workers and 18 sites, a coordinated health and wellbeing approach was timely. In 2016, the company recognised that a focus on a coordinated health approach was required to equably improve health and wellbeing of staff, increase staff awareness of opportunities and increase workplace participation. Learn about the challenges and benefits of their approach and their outcomes to date.

This medium sized family print company is driving a healthy eating initiative, led and championed by staff.

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Mentally healthy workplace case studies are available on the ReturnToWorkSA website.