A new initiative has been launched to encourage action on workplace mental health to respond to the increasing rates of mental injuries in the workplace.

The Mind Your Head campaign aims to raise awareness about mental health hazards like the impact of isolated work, high job demands and violent events so that they’re understood and dealt with like physical workplace safety issues like electrical or trip hazards.

Unlike physical hazards, employers often don’t identify workplace mental health hazards or put systems and practices in place to address them.

This has contributed to a mental health emergency in Australia, with workplace mental injuries now the fastest growing type of workplace injury in Australia.

The campaign will be a joint initiative by unions and EML. It will provide pilot workplaces the resources and tools they need to identify and address workplace mental health hazards before injury occurs.

“Just like physical health and safety hazards, workplace mental health hazards – like high workloads, isolated work and poor role clarity – injure thousands of workers each year” said EML Executive General Manager David Fryar.

“For every $1 invested in good workplace mental health practices, businesses received an average of $2.30 return on investment through lower staff turnover, higher productivity and a decrease in workers’ compensation claims.

“It’s in everyone’s interests to work towards a mentally healthy workplace.”

Find out more at www.mindyourhead.org.au.