People at Work is a free psychosocial risk assessment process now available online for South Australians.

Developed by leading researchers, it is a validated and evidence based psychosocial risk assessment survey tool with benchmarking that measures psychosocial hazards and factors.

The newly released digital platform enables organisations to:

  • self-administer the People at Work survey to their workers
  • add custom demographics like workgroups and roles
  • receive automated reporting with key breakdowns to identify high risk areas with recommended control measures, benchmarking, and guidance.

The hazards measured by the People at Work survey are based on decades of research highlighting the factors that influence a worker’s psychological health and safety. The psychosocial hazards are also based on guidance from Safe Work Australia.

Workplaces that participate will learn about their unique risk factors for work-related psychological injury, which are highlighted through the risk assessment process.

The People at Work digital platform provides organisations with their results in two reporting formats, a high level summary, and a more detailed report that also provides suggestions for improvements in the workplace.

Put simply, People at Work is free for Aussie businesses and workplaces to help them identify and manage work-related psychosocial hazards and factors AND which doesn’t need an expert to interpret the psychosocial risk assessment results.

Send a clear message to workers that you value their mental health and wellbeing and reap the benefits of reduced workers’ compensation claims and improved worker productivity, satisfaction and engagement.

Learn more about how People at Work can help at https://www.peopleatwork.gov.au/.