Audit tools can help you to recognise your businesses strengths and weakness and can be used to prioritise your next steps to create a healthy workplace and track your progress.

The audit tools suggested below are freely available and designed to be completed by Business Leaders, Human Resources or Work Health and Safety Managers.


Healthy workplace audit tool

Self-assess your people strategies, workplace environment and policy and cultural environment to create a healthy workplace, incorporating physical health and mental health.

Mentally healthy workplaces checklist

Self-assess your systems and practices against the key areas for a Mentally Healthy Workplace; raise awareness, build the positives, prevent harm and manage risk, intervene early and support recovery, and critical success factors.

Heads Up mentally healthy workplaces action plan

A simple tool that helps your business to develop a tailored strategy to make your workplace more mentally healthy.


Simple steps to safety self-audit tool

Assess your current health and safety practices to identify any areas which you can improve.

Injury management self-audit tool

Assess your injury management systems and processes, identifies areas where improvements can be made and provides practical next steps.


Organisational Systems benchmarking tool

Assess whether your business has an effective, systematic approach to managing the areas of work health and safety, worker health and wellbeing, and workers' compensation and return to work.