Once you have identified the health and wellbeing priorities of your workplace, it’s time to take action! Each workplace has its own priorities and resources so we have provided a range of ideas that might get a workplace started, as well as build on existing efforts.

The strongest programs incorporate a combination of strategies which focus on the working environment, leadership support and activities chosen by staff.

Sedentary work and physical activity

Be Active

Information and advice for employers, managers and business about promoting the Be Active message


BeUpstanding is a free, world-leading program that improves the health and wellbeing of desk-based workers.

10,000 Steps Workplace Challenge

The 10,000 Steps program is a free, fun and easy way for individuals, workplaces and communities to increase participation in physical activity.

Mental Health

SA Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Information and advice for employers, managers and business about promoting mental wellbeing.

Head to Health

Head to Health can help you find evidence based apps and online programs that can help you build personal skills and track progress.

Intro to Mindfulness Course

This four lesson course is designed to introduce you to the principles, practices, and techniques of mindfulness and how to use mindfulness strategies to tackle stress and improve your general levels of wellbeing.

Mind Your Health Challenge

The Mind your Health challenge is designed to be used in October mental health month, either as a 31 day challenge or a five week challenge. Download the assets to use for any month in the year.

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