Creating a healthy workplace requires organisational policies and practices to encourage and support a positive health workplace culture. All employees should have an opportunity to review and comment on any new policy.

Disclaimer: It is important that you seek your own HR or legal advice on policies and maintain policies as legislation changes.

Action plans

Workplace health and wellbeing action plan

A simple action plan to help you develop strategies according to your business priorities, allocate tasks and keep your program on track.

Mental health action plan

A simple action plan that helps you develop a tailored strategy to make your workplace more mentally healthy.


Work health and safety policy template

A simple and practical WHS policy which includes consultation, managing hazards, informing/training/supervising, maintaining a safe workplace, monitoring and reviewing.

Health and wellbeing policy template

Demonstrate your businesses commitment to the importance of providing a workplace that addresses the health and wellbeing of its employees using this template.

Mental health policy template

Develop a mental health policy for your organisation.

Workplace issues

Covers flexible work arrangements, managing people, hours of work, and managing performance.

Bullying and inappropriate behaviour policy

Outline the behaviour expected in your workplace.

Alcohol and other drugs

Manage the risk to workers’ work health and safety from the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Healthy eating policy and catering guide for workplaces

Policy for catering, vending machines, on-site catering and fundraising.